Saturday, January 21, 2012

Problems with online food logs

After writing my last post about my food log, I realized a major problem with the system I've been using.  I was using While eating my lunch today I realized why it is such a chore to keep a log on that system.  In order to enter a food, you need to find it in their system.  If you are entering a packaged food product it's easy if, on the other hand, you are entering a custom recipe, you have to look up every ingredient and their quantities and estimate how much of each ended up in the final serving size you ate.  This has the effect of discouraging you from cooking from scratch and being creative with modifying recipes.  This is bad, the last thing that people who are trying to start eating healthy need is something that makes it more difficult.

After this realization, I am going to recommend that unless someone needs to track the nutritional content of their diet very closely, they should concentrate on eating real food, cooked from scratch, and logging in a simple notebook and hand calculating macro-nutrient content when they have time.

I reserve the right to change my mine on any subject at any time.  I'm still learning and growing every day and I hope I never stop.

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