Monday, January 16, 2012

My Week in Nutrition for 1/8/12 - 1/14/12

Last week I did good at sticking to my plan and keeping my carb intake within the limits I set for myself.  On work days I had my Shakeology for lunch and my Quest Bars for a snack, I'm not so good at having them on my days off.  I've noticed that I feel better on days I do have them, I feel more energetic, regular and my thinking is clearer.  My Shakeology is on Home Direct auto ship so I get a refill every month.  I haven't done that with my Quest Bars yet because I don't know how many I will need yet.  My first order didn't last long with both my wife and I eating them.  I placed another order on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday so I will see how long this batch lasts and probably start some kind of auto ship on those too.

A couple of weeks ago our old blender tried to burn up making my Shakeology, so at the end of this week we bought a new Ninja blender.  My wife is excited about being able to make her own smoothies and she experimented with it as soon as we got it home.  The first one she made was large enough to make two, so I helped her eat it.  She makes them with fruit juice and they come out with more sugar than I care for, but they taste great.  I prefer to start with Shakeology or another protein shake and add some fruit, ice, water and/or milk to it.  When I'm home I tend to use whole milk and some greek yogurt to increase the fat content.  At work I just use water in my shaker cup, it's easier.

That's all for this week, see ya next week.

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